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taxi n : a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money [syn: cab, hack, taxicab]


1 travel slowly; "The plane taxied down the runway"
2 ride in a taxicab [also: taxying, taxies (pl)]

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Shortened from taxicab, a portmanteau of taximeter and cabriolet.



  1. A vehicle that may be hired for single journeys by members of the public and driven by a taxi driver.



  • Afrikaans: huurmotor
  • Arabic:
  • Chinese:
    Cantonese: 的士 (dīksí)
    Mandarin: 計程車 (jìchéngchē), 的士 (díshì)
  • Croatian: taksi
  • Danish: taxi, vogn
  • Dutch: taxi
  • Finnish: taksi
  • French: taxi
  • German: Taxi
  • Greek: ταξί (taxí)
  • Hungarian: taxi
  • Icelandic: taxi, leigubíll
  • Indonesian: taksi
  • Italian: tassì
  • Japanese: タクシー
  • Korean: 택시 (taeksi)
  • Malaysian: teksi
  • Norwegian: taxi/taksi , drosje
  • Polish: taxi, taksówka
  • Portuguese: táxi
  • Russian: такси
  • Spanish: taxi , taxímetro italbrac Uruguay, libre
  • Swedish: taxi
  • Welsh: tacsi


  1. To move an aircraft around an airport under its own power.

Related terms


move an aircraft
  • Danish: taxie
  • German: rollen
  • Icelandic: taxa
  • Norwegian: takse
  • Swedish: taxa
  • Spanish: carretear


Alternative spellings


  1. taxi (only cars)


  • drosje (also horse wagons, etc)



Short form of taximetru


taxi (plural: taximetre)



  1. taxi




Extensive Definition

Taxi may refer to:

In transport

  • Taxi (transport), a vehicle for hire which conveys passengers between locations of their choice
  • Taximeter, a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxicabs
  • Taxicab stand
  • Share taxi, a mode of transport that falls between private transport and conventional bus transport
  • Water taxi, a small boat that transports passengers on water
  • Taxiing, the movement of an aircraft on the ground
    • Taxiway, the paved surface on which an aircraft taxis
  • Business jet, an air taxi or charter jet

In television

In film

  • Taxi Driver, a 1976 film directed by Martin Scorsese starring Robert de Niro and Jodie Foster
  • A series of action-comedy movies written by Luc Besson, starring Samy Naceri and Frédéric Diefenthal:
    • Taxi (1998 film), a 1998 film directed by Gérard Pirès
    • Taxi 2, a 2000 sequel to the above film. Directed by Gérard Krawczyk
    • Taxi 3, a 2003 sequel to the above films. Directed by Gérard Krawczyk
    • Taxi 4, a 2007 sequel to the above films. Directed by Gérard Krawczyk
  • Taxi (2004 film), a loose remake of the 1998 film. Directed by Tim Story
  • Taxi!, a 1932 film starring James Cagney
  • Taxi (1953 film), a 1953 film directed by Gregory Ratoff
  • Taxi Number 9211, a 2006 Bollywood film directed by Milan Lutharia

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autobus, become airborne, bicycle, bike, bus, cab, catch a train, chartered bus, chauffeur, clear, cycle, diligence, double-decker, drive, entrain, fly aloft, go by rail, hack, hackney, hired car, jitney, joyride, jump off, leave the ground, mail coach, make a train, motor, motor coach, motorbus, motorcycle, omnibus, pedal, post coach, ride, rotate, stage, stagecoach, take a joyride, take off, taxicab, wheel
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